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Notes in the Mirror

Notes in the Mirror

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Notes in the Mirror - 

This bean comes to us from Fazenda Um - a farm in Espirito Santo, Caparaó, Brazil. What makes Fazenda Um cool you ask? and why did I choose this bean? Well - strictly speaking I asked a friend of mine which of 3 coffees sounded better and she chose this one. Now, the wild part is, I didn't realize I actually knew one of the guys that owns this farm. Fazenda Um is owned by the Um Family. I had the pleasure to meet Borum Um, when he was in Calgary preparing for his performance at the world barista championships. I sat in on his mock presentation and got to judge the drinks he prepared and his presentation. It was an incredible experience for me that I'll never forget. Borum's knowledge of coffee was incredible and he presented something very antithetical to coffee - that the less caffeinated the coffee, the more sweet and flavourful the resulting cup. Now - that has no bearing on this coffee. Its got all the caffeine you could want but it's great to know that this bean comes from a family that isn't afraid to push the boundaries of the industry, try new things and innovate through the entirety of the supply chain; from farm to cup. 

Anyway, I've had a hard time nailing down how to roast this coffee and throughout the tasting process. I've struggled, wondering "is it me? is it my palette? why aren't I happy with how this is roasting and tasting?". So I really took my time on this one, ensuring that everything was exactly where I wanted it to be. Originally I intended to have this coffee out in time for the new year. Boy, that didn't work out. But I didn't want to rush something out that I wasn't proud of and didn't enjoy. 

I'm currently proud to say when I brew this every time I say "Yum". That being said - I usually do brew this in larger batches than I would normally, so I'll share my recipe with you:

Brewer: Hario Switch
Ratio: 1:15 - Recommended 30g coffee:450g water
Method: 30s-1min bloom with 90g water. I leave the switch closed to fully immerse the grinds for 30 seconds, then open the switch and leave it for another 30 seconds. Then I add the remaining 360g in 3x120g pours.

This recipe has resulted in some wonderful cups that give me hints of Lime, Raspberry, and white grape. My disclaimer here is - this coffee tastes best between 14-21 days. Before that, the coffee takes on a nuttier and more chocolaty vibe. In the 14-21 day range is when it really hits its stride, becoming extremely well balanced, sweet and wonderfully delicious. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

Tasting Notes: Lime, Raspberry, White Grape, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut? (says dad)
Processed by: Fazenda Um
Farm: Fazenda Um
Region: Espirito Santo, Caparaó, Brazil
Alt: 1300-1500masl
Harvest: Aug - Dec 2021
Importer: Forward Coffee
Roaster: Wandering Prophet Coffee

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