How to name a product.

Hello Friends,

Some of you (probably none of you) may have noticed that one of our first products: "He who wanders to Strawberries", aka  "Something something strawberry" aka "Summer Memoir" aka a plethora of other names, has gone through, quite obviously, a number of name changes. 

As a brand new... brand... It's come to my attention that naming products is something that I hadn't thought about in "building" phase of the company/brand. I thought about the Logo, Brand Name, Vision, Direction, and insert more buzz words here; But naming was not something that was even in my periphery. 

So, that leads us to our current state of affairs. I feel like from a first time customer PoV, if I walk into a store and see a product and the name has nothing to do with/is far removed from the branding, I would be less likely to purchase that product. The flip side of that is that "Branded names" can feel boring, uninspired, and stiff. 

The solution? No idea. 

Wandering Prophet Coffee at its core was built as a way for me to pay homage to the things in life I/my future team value. The name and logo are great examples.  They're based on things and people that I wish to embody and draw inspiration from. 

So, my proposition for the time being is that the products we offer will be named in a similar fashion to the company, and be a reflection of our foundation. The names will be homages to things that we love, draw inspiration from, or just think deserve a little recognition. 

Now all of that being said, I will always try to make as much information about the beans/product available when I can, providing access to that information on each of the products individual pages. Where/if possible I'll also try to have a blurb about the name and what inspired it.

Thanks for letting me rant,
The Wandering Prophet.
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