About Wandering Prophet

Wandering Prophet Coffee is a small batch, Roast-To-Order coffee Roastery born in Calgary, AB and currently based out of Ituna, SK.

My vision for Wandering Prophet Coffee is simple. Support the people I care about with the thing that I'm most passionate about (coffee).

Coffee has always been a passion of mine (Hi, Addison here. I started Wandering Prophet Coffee.). I got into coffee when I was graduating middle school, years ago as a teenager when I saw a Syphon Pot in a TV show. I thought it was so cool that the image stuck in my head and I've chased knowledge and skills in the coffee world ever since. 

Wandering Prophet Coffee is my way of taking that next step in my coffee journey. Challenging myself to continue to learn about coffee and the industry as a whole. While creating and supplying a product I believe in and can support from the farm to the cup. This venture is me putting my money where my mouth is and supporting the things, and most importantly the people that are important to me and my community.

Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to roast you some coffee!