Local (ish) delivery update

Hello Everyone,

Recently I've found myself commuting semi-regularly to the Medicine Hat area for personal reasons. Because of this, and as long as it remains a consistent/regular thing, I have widened the local delivery range to include some of the Calgary surrounding area and (hopefully most if not all) towns along Highway 1 up to and including Medicine Hat. 

Because of this, I had to change the way the area for local delivery was being dictated. Until now, I've had local delivery as an option within a 50km radius of my home roastery.

With the changes, I've had to switch to postal codes instead of just a blanket radius. I had to do this manually and finding all the postal codes for an area and ensuring they all fall within my desired range to drive is surprisingly more difficult than it sounds, especially with some of the rural outliers. 

That said, I can't wait to get out and deliver to some more people in the surrounding area. I hope you'll bear with me as I sort out the changes and modify the deliverable postal codes. 

As it currently sits, the local delivery options are:

  • $2 Delivery within Calgary every Friday (generally I actually deliver as soon as I roast, but underpromise overdeliver is a great motto to live by).
  • $2 Delivery along Highway 1 between Calgary up to and including Medicine Hat every other Friday. (which at the time of writing this makes that Friday, May 12th).

Anyways, I hope this news finds you well and that you're as excited to have coffee delivered by me as I am to see you. 

Also, the regular Canada Post shipping method is still available if you want the coffee delivered ASAP instead of waiting for me to make the trip.


Wandering Prophet.



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