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Twilight in clover (Decaf)

Twilight in clover (Decaf)

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Welcome to the land of Decaf! This is my favourite bean to date, and decaf to boot. Im really excited for you all to try this.

Here’s the fun stuff -

This is our first Decaf. This is an extremely unique coffee not only because of the boutique nature of the bean, but also because this bean was decaffeinated as a very special collaboration undertaken by Forward Coffee and Swiss Water. Both local* businesses (fairly local, Swiss Water is located in BC)

Also to note - Remember Borum from “Notes in the mirror”? If not you can check out the story on that product listing. But Borum enlightened me to some research that shows caffeine actually impacts our capacity to taste “sweet”. That means that this decaf will actually present sweeter than its caffeinated counterparts. Making for a more fun, flavourful experience. 

That’s especially exciting because this coffee presents some wonderful notes of Raspberry and Grapefruit.

Now, onto the name. Twilight in clover. 

Firstly “in clover” to quote Collins Dictionary “If you say that someone is in clover, you mean that they are living a luxurious and comfortable life,” and by golly, that’s what I wish for all of you!

I think the beauty of a decaf is that it can be enjoyed to the fullest at any point of the day but specifically it can be enjoyed at night or in the late afternoon without the worry or guilt of not being able to get to bed on time. 

Recently I got out camping for a week in my motorhome, and my favourite memory of that week was the few minutes my partner and I spent on the couch of my motorhome staring at the stars before heading to bed. 

This is where Twilight in clover comes together. My hope for you all is that you can enjoy this decaf “in clover” on a beautiful summer evening in the twilight. I hope that you can relax, and at least in that moment, with a cup of coffee in hand, forget all of life’s stresses and burdens and have a moment of luxury and comfort. Know that you’re a rockstar and loved by all the people in your life. Especially me, I super love you for buying this. <3

Anyways, here’s the nerdy bean info.

This bean comes to us from Indonesia, specifically Batukaang, Kintamani, Bali. This coffee comes from the CATUR Collaborative which operates with the goal of improving coffee production in Indonesia.

This specific batch was processed by Karana Global, a producer/processor of Indonesian specialty coffee. They train and employ locals and contribute to local education/environmental projects.

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit and Raspberry (very berry)

Processed by: Karana Global

Region: Batukaang, Kintamani, Bali

Alt: 1200 - 1500masl

Harvest: July - Aug 2021

Importer: Forward Coffee

Roaster: Wandering Prophet

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